Training And Systems Documentation Made Affordable

Most business owners know the many benefits of having well trained staff, documented systems and easily assessable policies and procedures manuals. However, the obstacles of time and money often mean that training and systems documentation are at the bottom of the to-do list.

I can speak from experience here as a former CEO, business owner and a recipient of professional training from one of my favorite past employers, Price Waterhouse. I’ve also had the experience of working in companies where no training was provided or varied depending on who was managing a team from one project to the next. All to say, I am a passionate advocate of staff training and bullish on it being supported by clear, concise systems documentation. So I’m excited to tell you about a cost-effective, cloud-based software solution that helps companies optimize their “human” resources.

Way We Do is cloud-based SOP software that enables you to centralize your policies, procedures, work instructions and training materials and make them available to your team from any location, on any device. Key features include easy procedure authoring, user management and procedure control, policy and procedure acceptance, automated task reminders and procedure revision reminders.

Way We Do can be used to document the particular way you do things in all areas of your business such as onboarding of new team members, administration, marketing, sales, operations, IT, HR, finance and more.

The benefits of using Way We Do to help systemize your business or organization includes increased cash flow, increased business valuation, minimized risk, higher productivity and efficiency, staff retention and high performance culture, knowledge retention, delivering consistently to customers and compliance with industry and government regulations.